Sunday, August 16, 2009

Danger Man: A Classic Spy TV Program from the 1960s

A web site dedicated to all things James Bond,, is offering an interesting piece on one of Bond's competitors, Danger Man.
Danger Man, which aired on TV in the 1960s, starred Patrick McGoohan as secret agent John Drake.

Drake was a cool, tough agent like Bond, but he didn't carry a gun, shoot anyone or seduce women.
I was and am a big fan of the early James Bond films in the 1960s and the Ian Fleming thrillers, but I also liked Danger Man, or Secret Agent, which was what the program was called in the United States.
I like McGoohan's next TV program, The Prisoner, even better. It was a clever, interesting program way ahead of its time.
Sadly, we recently lost Patrick McGoohnan. He was a talented man.

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