Saturday, May 19, 2012

Duncan Jones To Direct Action Thriller Based On Ian Fleming's Fascinating Life

Stuart Kemp at the Hollywood Reporter reports that Duncan Jones is set to direct a film about Ian Fleming, the creator of James Bond, based on Andrew Lycett's Ian Fleming, The Man Behind James Bond.

Before becoming the best-selling author of the Bond books, Fleming traveled the globe and masterminded real-life top-secret operations, helping supply inspiration for this famous creation, before and during World War II as a naval intelligence officer.

... Jones said: "Fleming lived through one of the most perilous periods in world history, in a position that allowed him a unique vantage point of all the players, all the stakes. He witnesses true heroism first-hand. And he saw the evil men could do. Then, when the war ended, he went off to write fiction. The essential question for me is where did Ian Fleming end and Bond begin?"

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You can also read my column on Ian Fleming and James Bond via the below link:


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  2. That should be amazing! I love his work. I am a big fan of action books. I am reading a really good one right now called, "Angels Gate" by authors Andrew J. Rafkin and Louis Pagano. This is a true crime story based in Los Angeles in 1983 about the largest monetary drug heist in history. This book is filled with action, suspense and espionage. I love that it is a true story.