Wednesday, March 6, 2013

IRA Militant On Run From Italian Police For Alleged Involvement In Mafia Money Laundering Scheme As Luxury Properties Worth Millions Are Seized

Steve Robson and Hannah Roberts at the British newspaper the Daily Mail offer a piece on a money laundering and luxury property scheme involving a former IRA member and Italian organized crime.

An IRA Militant is on the run from Italian police after they cracked an alleged money laundering scheme linked to mafia gangs. 

A European arrest warrant has been issued for Henry James Fitzsimons, 63, a convicted terrorist from Belfast, after 20 alleged members of a criminal gang were arrested and assets worth 390 million during the operation.

He is accused of conspiring with the 'Ndrangheta mafia to launder drug-trafficking money by investing in luxury properties along the Calabrian coast of southern Italy.

The IRA allegedly sent Fitzsimons to launder drug-trafficking profits with the help of the Italian mafia gang 'Ndrangheta, according to the news agancy AGL.

Fitzsimons had invested around 12 million Euros with the mafia and a group of Spanish entrepreneurs to build resorts and luxury residences on some of the most beautiful, undeveloped beaches of Calabria, police said.

You can read the rest of the story via the below link:


  1. harry has been arressted in Senegal, you'll find it on google if you search his full name henry james fitzsimmons

  2. Paul Davis do you have Information that can prove who ran WHITEY for the IRA besides Joe Cahill? James Bulger raised over $100 million for the war of independence for Ireland and ran guns many times. He was a secret agent. Military Attaché' and Liaison to US Pentagon, Justice, NSA,CIA FBI and many politicians who acknowledged as much. He ran guns for Tip O'Neill to Nicaragua etc., Ted Kennedy, John Kerry and Thomas P. O'Neill all used his Laiason duties and Military operations with the and for the IRA to aid in the war fundraising. He should be set free on Diplomatic Immunity International Law.

    Jeffrey Barrett
    Author: ARMAGEDDON 2019 in which WHITEY SINGS for two weeks in Waikikiinterviews 3 months before his CA capture,