Monday, July 15, 2013

Hemingway Transformed, 95 Years Later: Hemingway Not Only A Great Writer, But A Man Of Great Faith

Mary Claire Kendall at offers a piece on the late great writer Ernest Hemingway's faith.

In the summer of 1918, as World War I was entering its final bloody stages, Ernest Hemingway, like most American youth, answered the call to serve in this “war to end all wars.” Then, as now, the same sectarian and religious rivalries convulsed the world.

Within weeks, Hemingway was seriously wounded and nearly died. The experience would transform him into not only a great writer but a man of great faith. The former we know all too well—embodied in such epic works as A Farewell to Arms, made into an Oscar-winning film starring Gary Cooper, who would become Hemingway’s good friend. The latter we know little of. 

That the underlying theme of his writing—and his life—is “sanctity,” according to Hemingway scholar H.R. Stoneback, has everything to do with what happened in the heat of battle in Fossalta, Italy along the Piave River, and its immediate aftermath, 95 years ago today.

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