Sunday, February 9, 2014

Funny, How? I Amuse You, Like A Clown? Happy 71st Birthday To Actor Joe Pesci

As notes, today is the birthday of one my favorite actors, Joe Pesci. He appeared in several of Martin Scorsese's classic crime films, including Raging Bull, Goodfellas and Casino. He also appeared in comedy films such as Easy Money and My Cousin Vinny.

Joe Pesci was born February 9, 1943 in Newark, New Jersey. After Robert De Niro saw Pesci's performance in The Death Collector, he brought the film to the attention of director Martin Scorsese, who cast Joe Pesci in his 1980 masterpiece Raging Bull. This was the beginning of a long line of supporting roles for Pesci, who soon became one of the busiest character actors in the business.

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