Thursday, August 17, 2023

True Crime Philadelphia: A Look Back At Philly Bootleggers, Kidnappers, Mobsters And Murderers

A reader recently wrote and asked me about Chicago gangster Al Capone and his year in a Philadelphia prison. I responded to the reader, offering the basic information about Capone’s eight-month incarceration in 1929-1930 at Eastern State Penitentiary. 

I've visited the prison, now a museum, and noted that the wealthy criminal lived in relative luxury while incarcerated. His cell had oriental rugs, fine furniture and a cabinet radio (see bottom photo). 

I also suggested that the reader check out Kathryn Canavan’s True Crime Philadelphia: From America’s First Bank Robbery To the Real-Life Killers Who Inspired Boardwalk Empire. 

I interviewed Kathryn Canavan about her outstanding book in two of my Philadelphia Weekly Crime Beat columns. 

You can read the columns below:

Note: You can click on all of the above to enlarge.

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