Monday, June 10, 2024

Mexican Cartels Targeting Americans In Timeshare Fraud Scams, FBI Warns

The FBI warns that Mexican drug trafficking cartels are targeting Americans in timeshare fraud scams.

The FBI has seen a rise in scams targeting timeshare owners. In this kind of scam, criminals con these part-time property owners into shelling out hefty sums of cash, all under false pretenses related to their timeshare properties.  

Its primary choice of victim—older Americans—technically makes timeshare fraud a form of elder fraud, or crime that aims to make older Americans part with their money or cryptocurrency. The FBI aggressively investigates such crimes to safeguard a particularly vulnerable population from scams, said Assistant Special Agent in Charge Paul Roberts, who leads FBI New York’s Complex Financial Crimes Branch. 

“Timeshare fraudsters aim to suck their victims dry, with devastating consequences to victims’ financial futures, relationships, and physical and emotional health,” he said. 

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Mexican Cartels Targeting Americans in Timeshare Fraud Scams, FBI Warns — FBI 

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