Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The Prisoner: Then and Now. AMC Remakes a Classic Television Series

I'm watching the classic television series The Prisoner again. I first saw the brilliant TV program when I was a teenager in the 1960s and with this, perhaps the 20th time I've watched the series over the years, I still find it intriguing.

Patrick McGoohan is simply perfect as the defiant, disgruntled secret agent who wakes up in "The Village." The Village is a quaint place where secret agents, military people and others with government secrets end up after resigning from their posts and/or other secret reasons. Once they submit to the will of the bosses of the Village, they live out their lives peacefully.

But not McGoohan, called Number Six. One of the Number 2 bosses of the Village - the great Leo McKern - watched Number Six in his cottage via a camera and remarked that Number Six made putting on a dressing gown (bathrobe) an act of defiance.

The series was way ahead of its time, with hallucinatory drugs, cell phones, cameras and other surveillance techniques and computer technology.

AMC has remade the series and the new version of The Prisoner airs this month. I'm not sure why this remake is needed at all, but I'll probably watch the new series out of curiosity.

Be seeing you, as they say in the village.

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