Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Monty's Double: The World War II Hoax that Duped the Nazis

With the British security service, MI5, recently revealing new details about a great true World War II spy story, The Times of London published Ben Macintyre's piece on how a failed Australian actor named Meyrick Clinton James posed as British General Montgomery (seen in above photo) and fooled the Nazis about the general's whereabouts on the eve of the D-Day invasion in World War II.

James (seen in the above photo on the left) later made a film about the story, staring as himself and Montgomery, along with actor James Mills (seen in the above photo on the right).

You can read Macintyre's story via the below link:

Macintyre is the author of Agent Zigzag, another WWII true spy story. Zigzag is about the criminal-turned-spy Eddie Chapman. I interviewed Macintyre (seen in above photo) for GreatHistory.com.

You can read my three-part interview with Macintyre via the below links:


Macintyre also has a new book on yet another World War II British deception story, Operation Mincemeat. The story, better known as The Man Who Never Was, is a fascinating true spy story.

You can read about the new book via the below link:


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