Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Not So Fair Game: The Valerie Plame Blame Game

Mark Hemingway's column quotes a retired CIA officer who debunks some of the outrageous assertions in the new film Fair Game.

As Hemingway notes, there are those who believe that CIA officer Valerie Plame's cover was "blown" by the White House for political reasons and her agents were killed due to her being "outed' as a CIA officer.

You can read Hemingway's column via the below link:

The late, great journalist Robert Novak covered this saga in his autobiography, The Prince of Darkness: 50 Years of Reporting in Washington.

In the two columns below he names his sources in identifying Plame, after the two men came out and admitted they were the sources.

In the first column, Novak reveals that the CIA spokesperson was the secondary source.

In the second column, Novak reveals that Richard Armitage, a State Department official who opposed to the Iraq War, was the primary source.

Although I've not seen the film, I'm sure it is deceitful due to the political views of the film makers, and I'm sure it is simplistic.

But like all of the other recent left wing, anti-war films, I'm also sure this film will bomb at the box office.

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