Thursday, February 17, 2011

Screenwriter And Director Hired For Upcoming Film Of True World War II Spy Story, Agent Zigzag reports that Rowan Joffe has been hired to pen the screenplay of a film adaptation of Ben Macintrye's outstanding true World War II spy story, Agent Zigzag. Mike Newell has been hired to direct the film.

Macintyre's book covered the incredible story of a British criminal, Eddie Chapman, who was a double agent for the British against the Nazis.

You can read the piece via the below link:

You can also read my three-part interview with Ben Macintyre via the below links:

You can read more about the book and the true spy story at the publisher's web site via the below link:


  1. Thank you for this Paul. Interesting stuff for me, and will be added to an already long list of 'needs further investigation' sub headings. Ta awefully.

  2. As an after thought, here is a link to a blog post of my own - the central theme of which includes a very brief over view of where I've been digging around for the past year or so in respect of my own great uncle Cornelius, and his own involvement in the world of espionage, the SOE and Ian Fleming's Mercury organisation as well as others.

    Here's the link Paul:

    I have also contacted John Pearson and Alan Furst and a few others. Not suggesting for a minute that you take a look, but I would always welcome any 'pointers' or 'suggestions' surrounding some of the lesser reported or documented espionage exploits in South America and the Caribbean, between later 1941 and later 1943.

    Especially anything that included W. Stephenson's BSC organisation working with the FBI down there - and the ultra secret activities of the D/Q (Black Propaganda)section of SOE's 'So2'division.

    This was the mob that my great uncle was seconded to in 1941 - and he flew back from running the Reuters Bureaux in Rome & Lisbon in mid 41 to resign from a 22 year distinguished career with Reuters just to join this lot - and was then shipped off to South America and the Caribbean et all for a couple of years to listen, observe and tell big porky pies. All the way up to Canada.

    I'll put the brakes on right about here, but if anything here should 'Float your Carrier' so to speak...please let me know. I'd be truly delighted to hear from you Paul.

    P.S. Thanks for the 'Chris Standring' tipster. Its definitely hit all my chill out jazz spots and is playing in the background here as I pen out this commentzilla to you, with a fourth glass of very chilled Pinot Grigio. Well it 'was' saturday night, last time I looked.

    Truly fascinating blog Paul - appreciate all the effort that must go into the contents here behind the scenes.

    Thanks...and 'Have a better day!'over yonder pond.