Tuesday, July 12, 2011

I Love Those Wildwood Days

I've been offline for a few days as I spent a long weekend "downashore," as we in South Philly call our time at the New Jersey seaside resorts.

I went with my family to Wildwood, New Jersey.

I've been visiting Wildwood since I was a child on family vacations with my parents. I later visited Wildwood as a teenager with my South Philly corner crowd, and in my 20s, after I returned home from my time in the Navy, I hit the Wildwood club and bar scene.

In my 30s, I visited Wildwood each summer with my wife and children, and now at this stage in my life, I returned to Wildwood with my wife, my grown children and my grandchildren.

I enjoyed watching the children in the hotel pool, on the beach and in the ocean, and on the boardwalk. The kids loved the carnival-like atmosphere on the boardwalk, the amusement rides, and the great pizza, french fries and ice cream served there.

My wife and I also enjoyed good food from the local restaurants. We had a great breakfast at Samuel's Pancake House and a fine dinner of Italian-style seafood at Nino's.

Although I've been to New York, California, Hawaii, the Caribbean Islands, Mexico, Europe, South East Asia, and other interesting locations around the world, Wildwood, New Jersey remains one of my favorite places.

Below is a link to Bobby Rydell, a South Philly native, singing his 1963 hit Wildwood Days:


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