Sunday, August 21, 2011

Joseph C. Goulden's Review of Tom Clancy And Peter Telep's Thriller 'Against All Enemies'

The Washington Times published a good review of Tom Clancy's new thriller Against All Enemies by author, journalist and espionage expert, Joseph C. Goulden.

Writing in these pages several years ago, I unkindly commented that the literary factory of master thriller-writer Tom Clancy “seems to be showing signs of rust belt obsolescence.” Essentially, I argued, Mr. Clancy had milked the same character for so many books that his material was running thin.

Well, relax and rejoice. The master of his genre is back, with the expert insight - not to mention boom-and-bang - that has captivated millions of readers since his 1985 debut with “The Hunt for Red October.” Mr. Clancy has taken on a co-writer, Peter Telep, author of about 40 novels on his own - a man who knows the Clancy territory and writes with Clancy zest. The product is pure Clancy.

You can read the rest of the review via the below link:

I happen to be reading Against All Enemies at this time and I agree with Goulden's view of the novel. Clancy's new thriller is up to his old standards.

Joseph Goulden also reviews Robert Ludlum's The Borne Dominion. Like Goulden, I'm not a fan of Robert Ludlum's silly thrillers. 

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