Saturday, August 13, 2011

Philadelphia Mayor Nutter's Call

Rich Lowry, columnist and editor of National Review, wrote an interesting column about Philadelphia Mayor Nutter, who blasted the wild kids in Philly who went on the rampage in flash mobs.

I live in South Philadelphia and I'm not a particular supporter of the Mayor, but I liked that he took a public stand and like comedian Bill Cosby, had the courage to blast both the wild kids and their parents.

Mayor Michael Nutter of Philadelphia was true to his word when he took to the pulpit at Mount Carmel Baptist church and prefaced his remarks: "I'm going to say some things this morning that I know from time to time many of you think, but may not say. They will not be PC."

He proceeded to unloose a 25-minute speech that must rank among the most brutally forthright calls for personal responsibility and adult authority that an elected official has ever delivered in these United States.

You can read the rest of Rich Lowry's column via the below link:

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