Tuesday, October 11, 2011

He'll Never Loin: Butcher and Bonanno Mob Member Kept Organized Crime Associates' Names, Nicknames And Titles In His Rolodex

Mitchel Maddux at the New York Post reports that a New York City butcher and member of the Bonanno crime family offered a bonanza to law enforcement.

A bumbling Bonanno bad guy bizarrely listed all of his contacts -- from capos to consiglieres -- in a Rolodex, The Post has learned.

Not-so-wiseguy Mike “The Butcher” Virtuoso recorded every one of the names, numbers, nicknames and even mob titles in a file so complete that the FBI agents who stumbled on it felt like they’d discovered a gold mine.

Putting all of that classified information into writing “was an incredibly stupid thing [for Virtuoso] to do,’’ a source told The Post.

The treasure trove was discovered in “The Butcher’s’’ butcher shop, Graham Avenue Meats & Deli, in Williamsburg.

You can read the rest of the story via the below link:


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