Monday, October 24, 2011

How Real Is Showtime's New Spy Thriller 'Homeland?'

Peter Brooks, a former deputy assistant secretary of defense, looks at Showtime's new thriller Homeland and points out the unrealistic from the real world of intelligence in the New York Post.

Without question, Showtime’s new series “Homeland” is one heckuva thriller, involving “sleuthy” spies and terrible terrorists that will leave even honest-to-goodness James Bonds sitting on the edge of their seats.

The twists and turns in the still-evolving plot of a possible terrorist attack on the homeland (where else?!) shows some terrific research and writing.

But, if you’re watching “Homeland” thinking it is some version of “CIA: The Reality Show,” you might be a bit disappointed. Of course, this is Hollywood -- not Langley.

You can read the rest of the piece via the below link:

I've been watching the show, which seems to be an updated Manchurian Candidate (but not as good as the film). I agree with Mr. Brooks' points in his piece, but he missed the notion that a Marine Captain would have such a huge and modern office in the Pentagon, where space is valuable.

That office might go to a three-star general, but I doubt that a Marine Captain would rate that kind of office space. 

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