Saturday, June 23, 2012

A Look Back At The James Bond Film, 'The Living Daylights'

Chris Wright at looks back at The Living Daylights and Timothy Dalton as Ian Fleming's iconic fictional character James Bond.

Timothy Dalton’s approach to the character was strikingly different from Moore’s from the outset. This Bond marked more of a return to the early days of the series, in particular Connery’s From Russia With Love. It was a Bond straight from the pages of Fleming’s novels, a cynical Bond with a hardened intelligence and a sly disregard for authority. Dalton’s Bond would be grounded in reality, unafraid to show his feelings through the tender love story that develops to the darker side of his emotions when his colleague is murdered. While he still allows room for humour, it is more naturalistic and offers small relief during the film’s more intense moments.

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