Monday, June 11, 2012

In William Boyd's James Bond Continuation Novel, Ian Fleming's Iconic Character Will Be Middle-Aged And More Realistic Than The Cinematic Bond

Anita Singh at the British newspaper the Telegraph reports on how William Boyd plans to offer an older, more realistic James Bond in his upcoming James Bond continuation novel.

The author has been chosen by the Ian Fleming estate to write a new Bond adventure, which will be published in autumn 2013.

But Boyd’s creation will be a far cry from the screen Bond, who bedded beautiful women at every opportunity and faced down villains bent on world domination.
“He is a middle-aged man, a middle-aged spy, and that’s one of the things that interests me” Boyd told an audience at the Telegraph Hay Festival. The as-yet-untitled novel is set in 1969, with Bond aged 45.  

... He added: “The literary Bond is a far more interesting character than the Bond of the films, who is a sort of cartoon. The literary Bond is a much more troubled, complex, nuanced figure.”

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