Monday, January 28, 2013

Goodbye To Our Gal Sal: TV Icon Sally Starr Dies At 90

Like most of the baby boomers in the Philadelphia area, I grew up watching Sally Starr on TV.

Andy Wallace at the Philadelphia Inquirer offers a look back at her life.

Sally Starr, the gun-totin' cowgirl who rode a palomino with a silver saddle and introduced millions of children in the Philadelphia area to Popeye, Clutch Cargo, and the Three Stooges, died Sunday.

One of the most beloved celebrities in Philadelphia TV history, Miss Starr was an icon of the black-and-white era.

She died two days after her 90th birthday at the Berlin, Camden County, convalescent home where she lived, her former station, 6ABC, said in an online obituary.

You can read the rest of the obituary via the below link:

She will be missed.

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