Thursday, June 5, 2014

The 5 Best Goddamn John Wayne Movies

John Wayne is one of my favorite actors and he made so many fine, entertaining and memorable films that picking five of his best is hard to do.

But Calum Marsch at did just that.

You can read his piece and view video clips of his picks via the below link:

These are good choices, as I too am a great fan of The Searchers, They Were Expendable, and The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance. I've watched these films again and again over the years.  

But I would substitute Fort Apache for Flying Leathernecks and The Shootist for Rio Bravo.      


  1. I remain partial to Fighting Seabees -- probably for all the wrong reasons; I remember seeing it in Iceland in the Seabees' unit while consuming large quantities of adult beverages following a chief's initiation. What a party! You haven't lived until you've seen that movie in that environment under those circumstances!

  2. RT,

    As my late father, Chief Electricians Mate Edward M. Davis, was a Seabee prior to becoming a UDT frogman in WWII, I too have a softspot for Fighting Seabees.


  3. I would tend to vote for Stagecoach, if only for its cameo in Vasily Aksyonov's novel The Burn.