Wednesday, May 17, 2023

A Little Humor: Pi R Squared

I was a class clown back in my school days in the 1960s.

I cracked wise, as they say in the old detective stories, told jokes, mocked teachers, and offered sarcastic asides. 

I hated school, but I enjoyed making my fellow students laugh.

I especially hated math and associated classes. 

So when the math teacher, a humorless older man named Mr. Macfadden, told us that Pi R Squared, I replied "Pie are square? Yeah, well, cake ain't too cool either."

That got a big laugh from the students and a trip to the vice principal's office.

Because I was always clowning around, I didn't learn much, but I had a fine time in my early school days.

I suppose that's why I'm not a rich doctor living today in a wealthy Philadelphia suburb.   

Note: The above photo is of me, looking far more serious than I was at the time, from my 6th grade graduation. 

You can read about my school days and aftermath in my crime fiction story, The Big Move, via the below link:

Paul Davis On Crime: My Crime Fiction: 'The Big Move'

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