Wednesday, May 24, 2023

Sir Roger Moore Knew Who Should Replace Daniel Craig As Next James Bond: Moore Said Aidan Turner Had Some Similarities To The First-Ever James Bond Star, Sean Connery.

Callum Crumlish at the British newspaper the Express offers a piece on the late Sir Roger Moore, who back in 2016 endorsed Aidan Turner as the next actor to portray Ian Fleming’s iconic Bond character.

Crumlish noted that May 23, 2023 marked the sixth anniversary of Sir Roger Moore’s death. Moore died in 2017, aged 89. Moore portrayed James Bond in seven movies from 1973 to 1985.

 But, Crumlish wrote, even long after he had hung up his tuxedo for the last time, Moore was eager to discuss the 007 role and who ought to be involved in the franchise going forward.

“Back in 2016, he opened up on who he would want to take over from Daniel Craig after his tenure finally came to an end,” Crumlish wrote. “While there have always been some major British actors in Hollywood who have always been touted as possibly Bond favorites - such as Henry Cavill, Tom Hardy, Moore instead opted for a more reserved actor from the BBC.”

"I think Aidan Turner would make a very good Bond," Moore told the Daily Star.

"I like Aidan. I think he's doing a wonderful job as Ross [Poldark]. He looks great and has a brooding presence. He's registered enormously with the public, and that's terrific." Moore even went on to compare Turner to the first and most recognizable James Bond of all time: Sean Connery.

"I think he'd be an excellent Bond. Aidan is a good actor, and the first 007, Sean Connery was a very good actor. Aidan is quite capable of doing that part," he continued. "Good luck to him if he gets it," Moore said. "I'll be very pleased for him."

As would I.

Aidan Turner, best known for portraying Captain Ross Poldark, also portrayed a tux-wearing killer in And Then There Were None, which in my view, was sort of an audition for Bond - which he nailed.

You can read my post on Turner as Bond via the below link:

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