Thursday, November 23, 2023

President Ronald Reagan On Thanksgiving

Jennifer Harper quotes the late President Ronald Reagan on Thanksgiving in her Inside the Beltway column in the Washington Times (where my On Crime column also appears). 

“Two hundred years ago, the Congress of the United States issued a Thanksgiving Proclamation stating that it was ‘the indispensable duty of all nations’ to offer both praise and supplication to God. Above all other nations of the world, America has been especially blessed and should give special thanks. “We have bountiful harvests, abundant freedoms, and a strong, compassionate people,” President Reagan told the nation in his proclamation for Thanksgiving Day, 1982. 

“I have always believed that this anointed land was set apart in an uncommon way, that a divine plan placed this great continent here between the oceans to be found by people from every corner of the Earth who had a special love of faith and freedom. Our pioneers asked that He would work His will in our daily lives so America would be a land of morality, fairness, and freedom,” the 40th president said. 

“Today we have more to be thankful for than our pilgrim mothers and fathers who huddled on the edge of the New World that first Thanksgiving Day could ever dream. We should be grateful not only for our blessings, but for the courage and strength of our ancestors which enable us to enjoy the lives we do today. Let us reaffirm through prayers and actions our thankfulness for America’s bounty and heritage,” Reagan concluded. 

Happy Thanksgiving.

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