Wednesday, November 1, 2023

The Spectator Audio Interview With Nicholas Shakespeare, The Biographer Of Ian Fleming, The Creator Of James Bond

I just listened to a fine audio interview of Nicholas Shakespeare (seen in the below photo), who wrote the new biography of Ian Fleming, the author of the James Bond thrillers. 

Sam Leith of The Spectator interviewed Nicholas Shakespeare about Ian Fleming’s role in WWII naval intelligence, which Shakespeare noted was much more important to the war effort than previously thought, based on recently declassified documents. 

Nicholas Shakespeare also spoke of Ian Fleming’s personal life and his role as a journalist prior to WWII and afterwards, as well as what Fleming thought of actor Sean Connery as James Bond in the early Bond films. 

As an Ian Fleming aficionado, I look forward to reading Nicholas Shakespeare’s Ian Fleming: The Complete Man when it becomes available in the United States. 

You can listen to the interview via the below link:  

Nicholas Shakespeare: The Complete Man | The Spectator

You can also read my previous post on Nicholas Shakespeare and Ian Fleming: The Complete Man via the below link:  

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