Saturday, December 23, 2023

Former CIA Spymaster Predicts Russian President Vladimir Putin Will Be Overthrown In ‘Black Swan’ Coup

The New York Post offers a piece on former CIA spymaster Jack Devine (seen in the below photo), who predicts that Russian dictator Vladimir Putin will be overthrown.  

A veteran chief of American’s Central Intelligence Agency has declared Vladimir Putin’s days are numbered, predicting the Russian president will be overthrown in a ‘Black Swan’ palace coup.

And the ousting of one of modern history’s most divisive and ruthless leaders is only a matter of time.

Jack Devine served for three decades with the US spy agency and told The Sun newspaper in an exclusive interview that he wouldn’t be surprised if Putin “disappeared tomorrow”. 

Speculation about the future of Russia’s leadership has been festering for some time, with the country’s bruising performance in its war with Ukraine intensifying talk.

So too have endless reports about Putin’s ill health, with rumors emerging from inside the Kremlin that he has at various points been close to death.

... But Devine, 83, who led thousands of spies on covert and classified missions across the globe for 32 years, believes Putin’s demise will be at the hands of those closest to him.

You can read the rest of the piece via the below link:

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