Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Life, Liberty And The Pursuit Of All Who Threaten It: How The Navy Protects America

It's Navy Week in Milwaukee, an unusual notion in a city nearly a thousand miles from the nearest coastal Navy base, writes Rear Admiral Gerard Beaman in The Milwaukee-Wisconsin Journal Sentinel.
Beaman (seen in the above photo) went on to write about how the U.S. Navy is important to our security today and lists how the Navy protects us.
You can read Beaman's piece via the below link:
Below are photos illustrating some of the ways the U.S. Navy protects America: aircraft carriers, submarines, Navy SEALs, guided missile cruisers and Navy aircraft.


Before I served on an aircraft carrier during the Vietnam War and a Navy tugboat at the nuclear submarine base at Holy Loch, Scotland after the war, I went to Navy Boot Camp at Great Lakes, Illinois in 1970.
I visited Milwaukee on liberty from Boot Camp and I recall that I had a fine time there.
I'm proud of my service in the U.S. Navy and I'm proud of the young men and women who are serving in the U.S. Navy today. 

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