Monday, September 13, 2010

Hemingway On Paris: Ernest Hemingway's Paris Dispatches From The Toronto Star

Oliver Cussen reviewed the new collection of author Ernest Hemingway's earliest published writings, Ernest Hemingway On Paris, for the New Statesman.

The pieces are Hemingway's contributions to The Toronto Star when he was the newspaper's Paris correspondent in the 1920s.

"Aficionados will recognise the nascent pith and verve of his writing," Cullen wrote. "But these articles represent so much more than the baby steps of a future literary giant; they are the remnants of a lost generation of foreign reporting."

You can read the review via the below link:

The book, published by the Hesperus Press (photo of book cover above) sounds as if it would make a good companion to By-Line Ernest Hemingway, published by Scribner's some years ago.

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  1. I'd also recommend H.R. Stoneback's new book HEMINGWAY'S PARIS: OUR PARIS? See link on my name for more info.