Thursday, May 26, 2011

A Review Of John Wayne's The Comancheros' Blu-Ray Release

William Bibbiani at reviewed John Wayne's The Comancheros'  Blu-Ray release.

Although not one of the Duke's best films, The Comancheros is still a good film.

Lee Marvin briefly shines in his small role as a gun-runner and outlaw as mean and nasty as Marvin's Liberty Valance in John Ford's classic western, The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance.

Lee Marvin plays well against John Wayne. I wish he had been in The Comancheros longer.

Stuart Whitman is fine, but as Bibbiani notes in his review, the role of Paul Regret was written with Cary Grant in mind. I would love to have seen Cary Grant in this film with Wayne and Marvin.

And for those who still say John Wayne can't act, I suggest they watch the scene with Wayne in a jail cell with an over-the-top character actor (I can't recall the actor's name), whom Wayne impersonates to get close to Marvin.

Watch Wayne's Texas Ranger character act like the jailed criminal when he meets Marvin. Great stuff.

If you've not seen The Comancheros, I suggest you check it out.

You can read the review of The Comancheros via the below link:     

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