Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The Classic Thrillers Of Len Deighton And Alistair MacLean To Be Reprinted

The web site Booktrade.Info reports that Sterling and HarperCollins will team up to reprint the complete works of Len Deighton (seen in the above BBC photo) and Alistair MacLean.

I enjoyed the thrillers of both writers in the 1960s and I look forward to rereading MacLean's The Guns of Navarone, When Eight Bells Toll, Ice Station Zebra and his other thrillers. (Howard Hughes reportedly watched the film version of Ice Station Zebra over and over again when he was hiding out in his high-rise apartment in las Vegas).

I also look forward to rereading Deighton's early spy series with the intelligence officer with no name, (he was called Harry Palmer in the Michael Caine film series based on the books) like The Ipcress File, Horse Under Water and Funeral in Berlin, as well as the Bernard Sansom series  - Berlin Game, Mexico Set and London Match - and his other interesting thrillers.

I hope the reprints of the classic thrillers will be read and appreciated by a younger generation.

You can read the piece via the below link:


  1. Shouldn't it be London Match rather than "London Game"?

  2. Yes, You're right.

    The name of the thriller is "London Match."

    I made the correction above.

    Thanks for catching my error.