Sunday, January 22, 2012

Charles Dickens: A Tale Of Two Centuries

Susan Elkins at the British newspaper the Independent looks at the best books on Charles Dickens during his bicentennial year.

If Charles Dickens were as immortal as his writing, he would be celebrating his 200th birthday on 7 February. He may be – like Jacob Marley – as dead as a doornail, but culturally he's never been more alive, thanks to all of those timeless themes in his work. We are still wrestling with Orlick-style crime; punishment for men such as Sykes; daunting lawyers such as Jaggers; greedy industrialists such as Merdle and terrible poverty for Oliver Twist-like children. And family anxieties, tensions, miseries and joys – think Micawber, Pocket, Cratchit, Wemmick and Gradgrind – have changed remarkably little. acknowledgement of his bicentenary, the Dickens commentators, critics, editors and creative responders have been busy producing new books.

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