Wednesday, January 11, 2012

San Francisco Film Noir Festival Celebrates Crime Writer Dashiell Hammett

G. Allen Johnson at the San Franciso Chronicle reports on the 10th San Franciso Noir City Film Festival. The festival will show films written by or based on work written by the late great crime writer Dashiell Hammett.

"It's amazing - as the sun sets and you sit in this room, it really starts to feel like Sam Spade's apartment," said Muller, referring to Dashiell Hammett's hero in his novel "The Maltese Falcon."

"It is a trip to read that book in this apartment. It makes your head spin. You feel it, you really feel it."

We are sitting in the apartment where Hammett lived in the late 1920s. Here, at 891 Post St., Hammett, a struggling writer who worked at Samuel's Jewelers on Market Street, wrote his first three novels: "Red Harvest," "The Dain Curse" and, of course, "The Maltese Falcon," in which Sam Spade's living quarters and office in the novel was based on Hammett's apartment.

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