Monday, January 2, 2012

Does Anybody Remember The Battle Of An Loc?

As we withdrawl from Iraq and Afghanistan, Thomas Fleming, the noted historian and novelist, reminds us of the 1972 Battle of An Loc during the Vietnam War.

Can we prevent a similar massacre of our friends in Afghanistan and Iraq when American forces withdrawl?

...South Vietnam's tragic fate should make us resolve to prevent another terrible blot on America's honor."

You can read the rest of this important piece via the below link to the History News Network:


  1. I am writing to say Thank You to your article . In 1975 I was just a 12 years old girl living in Sai Gon and knew nothing about the War . I am now a Marilander and volunteer of Vietnam Film Club on the documentary "Bien Hoa Military Cemetery" . While searching on the Net, your article caught my eyes.

    Please accept my sincere appreciation to your concern and affection to Viet Nam and America .

  2. Binh,

    Thomas Fleming wrote the article. I only posted a link to it.

    But yes, I do have an affection for Vietnam as well as America.

    I served on aircraft carrier during the Vietnam War and I wish we had defeated or contained the communists.

    We had the military power to do, but we lacked the political will to continue the long war.

    Thanks for writing.


    Thanks for writing.