Saturday, August 11, 2012

Hollywood Intersection Dedicated To 'Onion Field' Murdered LAPD Officer

Corina Knoll at the Los Angeles Times offers a piece on the dedication to the late LAPD officer Ian Campbell.

The officer was murdered in an onion field and the story was told by former LAPD Detective Joseph Wambaugh in his classic true crime book The Onion Field.

Wambaugh later made a fine film from his book, also called The Onion Field, which starred Ted Danson in his first film role as Ian Campbell.

You can read the LA Times story via the below link:,0,6425894.story

You can also read the Associated Press' account of the dedication that appeared in the Union Democrat via the below link:


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  1. I watched the film of the story a month ago this was the first time i have heard of this crime I am glad powell and smith are dead the LAPD should be ashamed for making Hettinger a scapegoat he did what he thought could do to save Campbell's life rest in peace Campbell and Hettinger you will never be forgotten. and i hope smith and powell were suffering for the rest of their worthless lives. i hope they feed powell's corpse to wild animals.