Friday, August 10, 2012

Remembering The Alamo: A Review Of 'The Blood Of Heroes'

Journalist, author and native Texan Joseph C. Goulden offers a good review of James Donovan's The Blood of Heroes: The 13-Day Struggle for the Alamo - and the Sacrifice That Forged a Nation in the Washington Times.

The bravery of the men who died defending the Alamo in 1836 was drummed into my head on an annual basis beginning in the third grade at Van Zandt Elementary School in Marshall, Texas. To me, the Alamo was a continuation of the American Revolution, with the Texians — as they were called in that era, and I will use the term, as does author James Donovan — fighting for freedom as an independent nation.
Mr. Donovan’s gripping book is history at its best — exactingly sourced and written with a vividness that challenges you to put it down. Even those familiar with an oft-told story will delight in the richness of his detail. And in my view, he demolishes contentions by revisionists that the defenders were frontier roughnecks trying to seize land that properly belonged to Mexico, which had just cast off Spanish domination.

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