Thursday, March 28, 2024

Discussing Crime On Dawn Stensland's Philadelphia Talk Radio WPHT 1210 Program

I appeared as a guest today on Dawn Stensland’s WPHT Talk Radio 1210 program in Philadelphia. 

I was invited on the popular talk show to discuss two of my most recent Broad + Liberty pieces. 

The first piece was about the major open-air drug market in Kensington and my interview with a veteran Philadelphia narcotics officer.

And the second piece was about the drug addicts, drug dealers, aggressive homeless and assorted shady characters on Broad and Snyder in South Philly. 

In that piece, I interviewed a local woman who works at Broad and McKean and retired Philadelphia Police Sergeant Gary Capuano.      

You can listen to the radio program via the below link:

You can read my two Broad & Liberty pieces via the below links:

Paul Davis On Crime: The Kensington Initiative: A Veteran Narcotics Officer On Combating The Kensington Open-Air Drug Market. 

Paul Davis On Crime: South Philly's Broad & Snyder Drug Addicts, Aggressive Homeless and Assorted Shady Characters 

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