Monday, March 25, 2024

Peace, Drugs, Earth Day, And Murder — A Look Back At Philadelphia’s Ira Einhorn

 Thom Nickels offers a good piece on Ira Einhorn, a 1960s counterculture guru-turned murderer, at Broad & Liberty, where I’m also a contributor.

In his time, Einhorn was often covered by Philadelphia newspapers and TV and radio stations, with lavish profiles and goofy quotes from him on events of the day. 

He was a kook and a fraud, and as it was later discovered, he was also a murderer.

You can read Thom Nichols' piece at Broad & Liberty via the below link:  

Thom Nickels: Peace, drugs, Earth Day, and murder — a look back at Philadelphia’s Ira Einhorn (

You can also read my 2002 Crime Beat column on Ira Einhorn via the below link:  

Paul Davis On Crime: My Crime Beat Column: Peace, Love And Homicide - The Unicorn Killer Is Convicted 

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