Friday, March 22, 2024

A Little Humor: The Babylon Bee's Top 6 Health Benefits Of Cigar Smoking

I’ve been a cigar smoker since my early 20s.   

These days, I smoke a cigar as I go for a walk, sit on my porch, or work in my book-lined basement office. 

Smoking a fine cigar with a cup of coffee or a glass of Sambuca relaxes me as I sit in my basement office at my desk working on my computer. 

I also enjoy the company of other cigar smokers at cigar lounges and cigar dinners, or simply hanging out with a friend who also enjoys a fine cigar. 

So I got a kick out of The Babylon Bee’s satirical take on cigars. 

Smoking cigars makes you look cool, everyone knows that. But did you know there are health benefits? It’s true, enjoying a cigar not only shows everyone how manly you are but it pays off physically as well. 

The Babylon Bee has put together the following list of healthy side effects of cigar smoking:    

You can read the rest of the humorous piece via the below link:

Top 6 Health Benefits of Cigar Smoking | Babylon Bee

You can also read about my cigar smoking on a U.S. Navy harbor tugboat at the American nuclear submarine base at Holy Loch, Scotland via the below link:      

Paul Davis On Crime: A Little Humor: Enjoying A Cigar Onboard A Navy Tugboat At The U.S. Nuclear Submarine Base At Holy Loch, Scotland 

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