Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Legendary FBI Special Agent Joe Pistone, AKA Donnie Brasco, Spoke to Civic Group in El Paso About His Life Undercover in the New York Mob

Legendary FBI Special Agent Joe Pistone (seen in the above photo) recently spoke to an FBI civic group in El Paso, Texas about his time undercover in the Bonnano crime family in New York.

Known as "Donnie Brasco" or "Donnie the Jeweler," Pistone spent six years undercover and his testimony put more than 100 mobsters in jail. (The photo above is of Pistone undercover as Donnie Brasco).
Pistone later wrote a book about his time with the mob called Donnie Brasco: My Undercover Life in the Mafia.

Pistone spoke of his undercover years, the film Donnie Brasco, which starred Johnny Depp as Pistone, and how he would prefer to go undercover with Italian organized crime rather than the violent Mexican drug cartels.

The photo above shows Pistone undercover relaxing with "Sonny Black" Napolitano.
You can read about Pistone via the below link to The El Paso Times:
Below is a photo of Benjamin "Lefty Two Guns" Ruggiero.

Above is a photo of Sonny Black with Florida mob boss Santo Trafficante. Below is a poster of the film Donnie Brasco.

Below is a photo of Johhny Depp as Pistone and Al Pacino as Ruggiero.

Below is a link to my review of Joe Pistone's book The Way of the Wiseguy, which appeared in The Philadelphia Inquirer.

I interviewed Joe Pistone a while back. Below is a link to my column about Pistone:

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