Monday, August 30, 2010

Unrequited Love: Fidel Castro Turns On Former Woodstock Performers

Unrequited love is often the theme of popular songs, so perhaps Stephen Stills' next song will be about Fidel Castro's lack of love for him and the other people who gathered at Woodstock in 1969.

Cuban-American Humberto Fontova reports that Fidel Castro (seen in the above photo) is quoting a favorite book that is highly critical of Woodstock.

Yet some the Woodstock performers, like Stills, visited Cuba and wrote glowingly supportive songs about Communist Cuba and the island's strongman Communist dictator, Fidel Castro.

The irony here is that while American rock performers like Stills (seen in the above photo), along with Kris Kristofferson and others, wrote loving songs about Cuba, Castro and Che Guevara, Cuban performers were suffering in Cuban prisons.

You can read Fontova's piece via the below link:

I interviewed Fontova a while back about his critical book on Che Guevara for Counterterrorism magazine.

You can read my piece via the below link:

Below is a photo of Humberto Fontova:

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