Monday, August 16, 2010

Up in Michigan: Picturing Hemingway's Michigan

Mark Wedel from The Kalamazoo Gazette wrote an interesting piece about a new book on author Ernest Hemingway.
The book, written by Central Michigan Professor Michael R. Federspiel, is called Picturing Hemingway's Michigan.
You can read about the book, view some of the photos from the book, and learn a bit about Hemingway's time in Michigan via the link below:
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You can also view other photos from Hemingway's life and link to my On Crime & Thrillers column on Hemingway and crime via an earlier post of mine:

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  1. I hope there are some happy pictures of his early life there, because that one late picture I've seen where he's standing in a doorway, staring out of God knows what mental illness and writer's loneliness, haunts me.