Sunday, August 22, 2010

Connecting the Dots at the Local Level: Fusion Centers Make Homeland Security a State, City and County Affair

The new issue of Counterterrorism magazine offers my piece on fusion centers.

Robert Riegle from the Department of Homeland Security describes fusion centers as force multipliers. "They leverage financial resources and the expertise of numerous public safety partners to increase information awareness and help our law enforcement agencies more effectively protect our communities."

My piece focuses on the new fusion center being built at the old Defense Department compound locally called the "Quartermaster" (seen in above photo).

According to Philadelphia's Deputy Mayor of Public Safety, Everett A. Gillison, the new fusion center will be called the Delaware Valley Intelligence Center.

"We are set up to begin our process of pulling all the assests together for counterterrorism, crime and all hazards," Gillison said.

You can read my magazine piece below:

You can also read my earlier post on the history of the Philadelphia Quartermaster via the below link:

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