Thursday, March 24, 2011

Ghost Author Robert Harris May Write Biography Of Former Spook John Le Carre

In a previous post we reported that Adam Sisman is set to write an authorized biography of spy thriller writer John le Carre - - -

Today the British newspaper The Telegraph reports that Fatherland, Conspirata and Ghost (made into the film The Ghost Writer) author Robert Harris is considering writing a rival biography of le Carre (seen in the above Telegraph photo).

You can read the newspaper story via the below link:

John le Carre has led an interesting life.

He was the son of a con man and thief and the working class boy was raised to pass himself off as an upper class "gentleman."

Le Carre later served in the British security service, MI5, and the Secret Intelligence Service, MI6, before he became a world-famous spy thriller writer.

John le Carre wrote about his unusual childhood in his thriller The Perfect Spy.

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