Wednesday, December 7, 2011

A Salute To A World War II Veteran On Pearl Harbor Day

On this day in 1976, my father, Edward Miller Davis, died of cancer.

My older brother and I noted that my father would have liked the idea of his passing away on December 7th, Pearl Harbor Day, as he was most proud of having served in the U.S. Navy during World War II.

My father (seen in his Navy uniform in the above photo) was a chief petty officer and an Underwater Demolition Team (UDT 5) frogman and he fought against the Japanese in the Pacific War Theater.

He was wounded in the war but he survived and came home to my mother (Claire) and their two children. My older brother and I were post-World War II additions to the family.

On this Pearl Harbor Day I salute my father and the many other men who went on after December 7th, 1941 to fight and defeat the Imperial Japanese and the Nazi Germans in World War II.

I wrote about my father briefly in a piece on the influence of the WWII frogmen on today's Navy SEALs in Counterterrorism magazine. You can read the piece via the below links:

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