Monday, September 16, 2013

12 Confirmed Dead From Washington Navy Yard Shooting

NBC News offers a piece on the deadly shooting at the Washington Navy Yard, although the number of victims have risen to 12 dead since the below was published.

A man brandishing an assault rifle, shotgun and handgun opened fire Monday inside a building at the Washington Navy Yard — killing at least seven people and wounding at least five more, including two police officers, military officials and other authorities said.

SWAT officers swarmed the building, the headquarters of the Naval Sea Systems Command, and a shooter there was killed, sources told NBC News.

The Washington police chief said there could be as many as two other shooters at large, one white and one black, both in military-style uniforms. But there was no confirmation of more than one person firing shots. Federal officials said the information appeared to be based on eyewitness reports and surveillance footage.

You can read the rest of the story via the below link:

Note: I worked on naval and military bases nearly all of my working life, and I was a frequent visitor to the Washington Navy Yard.

As the administrative officer of a Defense Department command on a naval base in Philadelphia, I oversaw security programs and I put together the command's evacuation plan and the shelter-in-place plan.

I'd advise all workplaces to have a good evacuation plan as well as a shelter-in-place plan, as the unthinkable can happen - as it did at the Washington Navy Yard.    

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