Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Memo To Iran: Real U.S. Aircraft Carriers Have Aircraft & Other Defensive Weapons

Here is one more reason the Iranians should be prevented from developing nuclear weapons.

In the above photo Iranian gunboats attack a mock U.S. aircraft carrier.

As an old carrier sailor, having served on the USS Kitty Hawk during the Vietnam War, I was both angered and amused.

One should inform the Iranians that unlike their mock carrier, which is really only a dressed up barge, a real U.S. aircraft carrier has reconnaissance aircraft and armed aircraft dedicated to protecting the ship, as well as other defensive weapons. Also, the carriers travel in battle groups.

Unlike the Iranian barge, U.S. aircraft carriers are a hard target.

If Iranian boats and ships ever try to attack a real U.S. aircraft carrier, they will be blown out of the water.

You can read about the mock attack via the below link:

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  1. Oh, I think the Iranians should definitely have a go at one of the CVs. But, of course, perhaps they should hold off until a later administration is in charge (i.e., one with chutzpah and a respect for the military). Then -- if the Iranians are foolish enough to take on a CV -- most of Iran (if the administration is sensible) will be turned into rubble. Now, however, I think it would be a disaster for the U.S.