Thursday, April 20, 2023

FBI Director Wray's Statement On Charges Announced Stemming From Investigations In Washington And New York Field Offices

On April 17th, FBI Director Christopher Wray issued a statement regarding the discovery of Chinese operatives in the U.S.

You can read the statement below:

For years, the FBI has been sounding the alarm about the threat posed by the Chinese government. The charges announced today reveal a series of brazen and aggressive criminal schemes directed by the Chinese Ministry of Public Security. In all three cases, Chinese officials working for, and at the direction of, the Chinese government were targeting people here, on U.S. soil—through threats, harassment, intimidation, and malign influence. 

All of these individuals are operatives supporting the Chinese government’s campaign to export repression and to undermine the rule of law around the world—including right here in America. The Chinese government will stop at nothing to lie, steal, and cheat its way to wealth and power, to silence those who oppose it, and to project its authoritarian view around the world—and within our own borders. 

People might think of these as two separate dangers—one that threatens corporations and our workers’ livelihoods, and another that threatens individuals and their freedoms. But it’s all part of the same, single danger—the danger that a large country unconstrained by laws grinds down anyone who resists it. Today's announcement highlights the FBI's commitment to combating the threat posed by the government of China and protecting the rights of all who call the U.S. home. 

You can read the Justice Department release via the below link:

40 Officers of China’s National Police Charged in Transnational Repression Schemes Targeting U.S. Residents | OPA | Department of Justice

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