Saturday, April 29, 2023

The Mystery Writers Of America Presented Crime Novelist Michael Connelly With The Grand Master Award

Michael Connelly (seen in the above and below photos), author of the Harry Bosch crime series and other crime novels, was awarded the title of Grand Master at the Mystery Writers of America during a celebration in New York City on April 27th.

I covered many of his novels in my Washington Times On Crime columns, and I interviewed the best-selling crime novelist some years back. 

You can read the Q&A with Michael Connelly via the below link: 

Paul Davis On Crime: My Crime Beat Column: Killers, Cops and Crime Reporters: My Q & A With Crime Writer Michael Connelly

You can also read my Washington Times On Crime column on Michael Connelly's novel Fair Warning via the below link or the below text: 

Michael Connelly on 'Fair Warning' and his crime reporter character Jack McEvoy - Washington Times

“Death is my beat,” Michael Connelly’s crime reporter character Jack McEvoy tells us in “Fair Warning.” 

Shifting from his longtime police detective character Harry Bosch, Mr. Connelly’s latest crime thriller offers Jack McEvoy, his character from his earlier novels “The Poet” and “The Scarecrow.” Like those earlier novels, McEvoy is pursuing a serial killer.


This killer uses DNA tests and the dark web to target his promiscuous and vulnerable female victims. The serial killer, known as “the Shrike,” murders his victims by Atlanto-occipital dislocation, which the medical examiner explains is internal decapitation. The Shrike snaps their necks.


Jack McEvoy becomes involved in the case when two Los Angeles detectives visit him and ask him about a murdered woman that he was briefly romantically involved with. The detectives asked him where he was the night the woman was murdered. He told them he was at a work meeting and there were people who could verify his being there.


One of the detectives then asked the reporter to tell them again about him and the murdered woman. 

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