Monday, January 4, 2010

Philadelphia Police Marine Unit Covers Crime, Safety and Homeland Security On the River

On assignment for Counterterrorism, a quarterly magazine for law enforcement, government and military people around the world, I recently went out on the Delaware River with the Philadelphia Police Marine Unit.

I went out on the river in the unit's 31-foot Munson (seen in above photo). I interviewed the unit's commanding officer, LT Andrew Napoli, and a couple of the other men in the unit. In addition to being police officers, the men in the unit are also small boat sailors and divers.

The Philadelphia Police Marine Unit has been in operation since April 9, 1859. The Police Marine Unit patrols the city's rivers and they cover crime, safety and homeland security issues.

Their mission is to respond to all water related emergencies and they conduct search/rescues and recoveries of persons, properties and evidence from the water.

The Police Marine Unit is coolocated with the U.S. Coast Guard at Front and Washington Ave in South Philadelphia and the unit works closely with the "Coasties." (The below photo shows Coast Guard and Police Marine Unit response boats working together on the river).

My magazine piece should be in the upcoming spring issue.


  1. Sounds like a new take! I look forward to reading it.

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