Monday, November 7, 2011

Alleged Takeover At FirstPlus Financial Resembled A Mob 'Bust Out'

George Anastasia, the Philadelphia Inquirer's veteran organized crime reporter, wrote another piece on the arrest of Nicodemo S. Scarfo Jr and other mob member and associates allegedly involved in a takeover of a financial company.

The alleged takeover of a Texas financial firm by mobster Nicodemo S. Scarfo and one of his top associates has been described as "complicated and layered" by a federal prosecutor.

But in many ways, the scam attributed to Scarfo and Salvatore Pelullo - charged last week with siphoning more than $12 million out of the FirstPlus Financial Group - was a typical mob "bust out."  

... Federal authorities say the current case in many ways is captured in a classic line by Mario Puzo, author and screenwriter of The Godfather saga.

"A man with a briefcase," Puzo wrote, "can steal more than a man with a gun."

Pelullo played the role of the man with the briefcase in the FirstPlus takeover, investigators say. But he was quick to let everyone know that he had the backing of Scarfo, the man with the gun

You can read the rest of the piece via the below link:

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