Saturday, November 26, 2011

Joseph Wambaugh Solves The Great UC Davis Pepper-Spraying Incident

Joseph Wambaugh, the former LAPD detective sergeant and author of numerous classic novels and nonfiction books on cops and crime, offers his insightful - and funny - take on the campus cop who pepper-sprayed protesters in California.

An assistant professor of English at UC Davis was quoted in The Times as saying that the pepper-spray incident was simply the latest example of "the systematic use of police brutality by UC chancellors" to suppress protests. Well, when I was an LAPD cop, I majored in English at Cal State L.A., and I can affirm that assistant professors of English claim all sorts of weird things after having been driven loopy by too much Elizabethan poetry. The UC Davis campus cops as serial brutes? I thought they just wrote tickets and attached wheel locks to illegally parked cars.

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